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Last Day in Korea

Today is our final day in Korea. Tomorrow we fly back to the UK.

Our last days in our academy were very emotional. We had our last adult classes, our last classes with our students, our last meal with the teachers and said good bye to our fantastic director Mrs. An in Ulsan KTX station.

Each last event was difficult and we’ve been thinking about it a lot.

We’re miss going for 멧돼지 (wild boar) on Jujeon beach with Emily . We went on lots of little trips with Emily and we got to see so much more of the local area because of her. Thank you!

Some students came with next to no English and by the end were able to put together sentences on their own and help other students. It was really great to watch students improve.

I’m especially proud of Jin Yeon for really trying hard and improving so much in the last two months. All of the middle school kids were really nice people and it’s been particularly hard to leave them.

Friday’s won’t be the same without Rummikub, UNO, Jenga, Haligali or Jacks! We had a lot of fun and I hope the learned to be more confident with their amazing English ability.

Last Months of Korea

October and November have flown by and now there is only a week left in Ulsan followed by four days in Seoul before we fly home. Our Korean experience will be over.


Bridge over Andong’s river.

We’ve visited our co-teacher’s home town Andong and it’s UNESCO traditional village, Hahoe. We also went to a similar folk village in Gyeongju called Yangdong. Both were great places but Hahoe felt much more like a living relic of Korea’s past way of life.


Yeong Sa, Emily, Charlotte and me

Photography wise my new Kiev 4a had a light leak so all the pictures came out crap! Devastated. It’s now taped up and hopefully the future photos will come out fine.

We also took a trip to Gyeongju with our director Mrs. An and our other co-teacher A Reum. We love Gyeongju and it’s a great place to visit in the autumn.


Mrs. An, me, Charlotte and A Reum.


It was also Halloween so we had a great party at our academy. The academy was decorated for halloween and the kids were allowed to bring in their friends so we played British Bulldog, UNO, Jenga and other games. It was fund just to have a good time with the students.

Unfortunately we’ve also said our final goodbyes to our friends. First it was Josie in July, then Sooz, Claire and now we’ve said goodbye to Amy and Bridget who left this weekend and we saw Paul, who’s staying for another 6 months, for the last time.




A great day out at Taehwa River Park


Amazing park in Songnam-Dong, Ulsan. Looked incredible with the different flowers blooming.

My second favourite park; my first being St. James’ Park in London.