Where Can You Still Buy 35mm and 120mm Film?

Recently I’ve come across three websites selling interesting expired, hand rolled and unusual 35mm and 120 filmslogo (1)

  • First is the Film Photography Project. These guys are amazing. They sell 110, 120, and 35mm film; some hand rolled others new. In fact it is cheaper to buy 35mm Kodak Portra from them with postage to the UK than anywhere else I’ve seen.

    The Film Photography Project also produce the Film Photography Podcast which I can’t recommend enough, go listen to it!


  • Secondly, is the Belgian site Labeauratoire. Some really unusual and rare films here. Some of the more unusual films are an ISO 0.357 black and white film and a 1956 German film!!! Prices aren’t too bad.


  • Finally is CineStill Film. They roll film used for movies such as Schindler’s List. 

I hope the availability of unusual and experimental convinces more people to give analogue film photography a try! eBay is another good source of cheap film.  

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