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The Many Lives of William Klein (2012)

An great BBC documentary revealing the life of William Klein. The documentary shows Klein’s street and fashion photography as well as his film making. The documentary is also very personal. You can get a good grasp of who Klein is through watching Klein interact and from the interviews with collegues and friend.s

Why I’ve taken up photography.

I’ve always had an interest in photography but I’ve really been given the imperative to actually take the time to sit down, teach myself and take it up as a hobby.

Firstly, I saw some amazing travelling photographs from friends on Facebook. This made me realise that I want to be able to capture the most exciting, hilarious and wonderful moments of Charlotte and my travels at the beginning of 2014.

Secondly, I have been following the incredible work being done one the International Brigade Memorial Trust‘s Facebook page. There people have been digging up old portraits of volunteers and putting names to faces (view some here). Although they must have known what they were doing was spectacularly brave and that split moment (I don’t think) they would have realised in 70 years people would be gazing at them in wonder and desperately trying to put a name to their face just to try and preserve their heroism for the future.

It’s this idea that when we take a photograph we can’t imagine, at that moment, why in 30, 70 or one hundred years would think it’s interesting. Whether it’s seeing the fashion of the time, the now archaic utensils in the background or even the former packaging of the brands we love today; the subject and the background can all provide something curious to look at. Taking candid, real life photographs documenting the life of ordinary people is what really interests me.

So, these are the reasons why I’ve taken up photography and later I’ll post how I’ve been learning.